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What's Working with Facebook Ads | October 2021

Okay, everyone. So we are in October of 2021. I'm super excited to get into this new series I'm going to be doing. So first off, if you don't know who I am. My name is Alexandra Ramirez, and I'm the owner of the Freedom Ad Agency, where we help online coaches and entrepreneurs to be able to scale their freedom and their income inside of their online business.

And what we're going to talk about today in today's video is actually gonna be really super quick. But I want to do a new series inside of my YouTube that will focus on what is currently working for my clients, for my agency clients. And what's working that I'm seeing around town because I feel like it constantly changes in what's working. The algorithm is always changing. The marketing in general is always changing.

And so I just want to use this series to be able to kind of show you guys what is currently working in the online industry market in terms of Facebook Ads and Instagram ads.

So we're gonna get into all that today. So make sure that you subscribe to this and hit that notification bell so you can get notified every time a new video goes live. And by the way, I'm gonna be doing a ton of videos this month, so make sure you really get that notification bell going. So alright, let's get into it.

Okay. So what is working currently right now, the first thing that I want to talk about is creating something live. Live experiences. Whether that is a live webinar or whatever you want to call it. You can call it a workshop, master class, whatever you want to call it. Anything live does really well right now.

I would say a lot of automated funnels, even the ones that you know used to do really super well and making millions of dollars. But with the iOS 14 update, it's actually pulled back a lot. And I think just the pandemic in general, people are craving a lot more connection these days and they want more of a know, like, trust factor before moving into the next step with you of giving you their money. So live experiences where you can create an experience with them and allow them to connect with you and allow them to kind of understand you and allow them to also see that you are the coach for them and you're the person that's going to help them get to the next step.

The live experience in some way shape or form. Whether you would do a three-day challenge, a five-day challenge, or if you do a live webinar masterclass workshop. Whatever. Live experiences are working so much better versus automated funnels. So that's the first thing I'm going to recommend to you guys is to do something live. And there's even instances where I have clients who are very adamant that they do not want to do some type of live experience.

So in those cases, if you're very adamant that you don't want to do that, if you don't want to switch that. For this case, I would just say if you can create some type of something inside of your automated funnel that still creates that connection that can still give that live experience. So, for example, that could be anywhere from connecting like a chat bot or even connecting some type of text service of some kind.

That way they get notified whenever you have a new video available on your challenge or whatever it ends up being.

So if you have an automated funnel, if you don't want to go beyond that, if you still want to have an automated funnel, that's perfectly fine. But you you do have to create some type of live experience or connection that you can have within an automated form. So like I said, that's either a ManyChat bot or some type of text service of some kind that's going to allow you to do that. Another way is to maybe start going back to sales calls as another type of live experience that you can kind of put in there. So that's my first tip to you guys is to create some type of live thing inside of either your automated funnel or start doing something live until the algorithm kind of changes a little bit more more because Facebook is starting to kind of figure out the different things around the iOS, the 14 and also coming up with the 15.

So that is the first thing that I definitely want to talk to you guys about. The second thing is actually something that I've been talking to you guys about. Actually, it's gone viral, and I wonder if it's because of me, but I don't know, I'm not gonna say whether it is or not. But if you've readed some of my videos, I talk about the lead generation objective. So if you're a coach or if you're just a service-based entrepreneur of any kind and you are trying to grab leads.

So if you're trying to grab actual leads with a freebie, what I would definitely recommend is to use the lead generation objective. Now I'm going to put a little tutorial up here on how to set up the be generation objective so that that's super easy for you to put that together. It's as a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

And basically it's going to be really super good for you if you have some type of freebie in mind. Whether that's a live experience sometimes like a workshop or webinar or challenge, but it can also work if you're wanting to get cheaper leads for a download type of freebie as well.

Okay. So that's another thing that you can do, too. Now the third and last thing that I'm going to recommend for you guys to do in October of 2021 on what is working for Facebook Ads, and also Instagram ads is keeping your topic very, very simple. Now, I have a lot of clients who are in the woo space, like the very spiritual woo space. And so it's very easy for them to kind of use words that can be kind of confusing to the regular consumer.

And so if that's the case for you. That's perfectly fine. But I would recommend to move if you're doing some type of challenge or if you're doing any type of freebie of any kind or you're even trying to sell something, you have to keep it simple.

The ones that have done the best right now are the ones that have kept it very basic and simple. Now let me give you an example.

We've had "How to Become the Go to Coach". I think we just called it "Become the Go to Coach." "Become a VA", like a virtual assistant. "How to Sell Your One on One," "How to Get Your Next Client" or just "Get Your Next Client". "Money Mindset Bootcamp" is another one that we have for one of our clients.

But, yeah, keeping it as simple as possible so that your consumer knows that: "Yes, I have to have this because I need this problem solved." And you have to keep it simple if you want to convert people from stranger to now lead. Okay, so keep it as simple as possible. Now that's it for today's video. But make sure that if you are interested in Facebook Ads, if you want to kind of dip your toes into Facebook Ads that I want you to go buy my $27 Facebook Ads course.

I'm gonna put it down below.

It's really only $27, and you're going to be able to learn exactly how to create Facebook Ads that are going to convert absolute strangers into clients and specifically for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. So if you're wanting to dip your toes into Facebook Ads, my $27 Facebook Ads course is going to be perfect for you. Alright, so go ahead and go get that.

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